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Product Outline(Summary)

e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat installed as a plug-in on Adobe Acrobat provides functions of issuing and verifying a TS of a PDF digital document.

An example of e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat (TS issue/verification)

System Requirements

OS Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000(SP4), XP(SP2), VISTA, Windows7
Hard disk Over 30MB
Main Memory Over 256MB
Interworking software
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 ~ 9.X
Document format which
a TS can be issued on

Functions and Characteristics of e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat

  • Issues TS on PDF documents

    e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat installed as a plug-in on Adobe Acrobat issues TS on Adobe Acrobat documents (PDF). The TSA center issues a TST to e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat and it inserts information of the TST onto the PDF document.
  • TS Verification

    It provides a function of verifying TS of PDF digital documents. For TS verification, it verifies the contents for authenticity, which shows the document has not been modified or forged, and its existence (Time-check) which proves the document existed at the time of TS issue.
  • Shows TS Info

    It shows information of TS issued on the PDF documents in detail.

    TS Info in Detail

    Data Description/th>
    Results of TS Verification Value for the document’s authenticity
    Issued Time of TS Time of TS issued in Korean Standard Time(KST)
    Issuer Info Info on the organization that issued the TS
    TS Info Version, Serial no., Date and time generated, TS server name
    Hash Info Hash algorithm identifier, Name of hash algorithm, Value of hash, Length of hash
    Time Certificate Info Certificate Info Version, Serial no., Expiry date, Issuer, Hash algorithm, Hash value, Hash length, Value of signature, Length of signature, Signature algorithm
    Time-check Info Offset, Network delay, Time checked, Expiry date
    Time-check Policies Offset, Network delay
    TSA Certificate Into User, Issuer, Expiry date, Version, Signature algorithm, Certification path, etc.
  • Prevents Overlaps of the Stamp

    When TS is issued on a PDF document, a visual image is inserted to help with verifying the time of the document issued and its authenticity visually. Therefore, it provides a function of preventing the document from being stamped over the previous one again.
  • Options for Stamping Type(Round or Rectangular shape)

    e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat provides the stamping function in 2 different shapes, round or rectangular. The user can choose one considering the space for the stamp on the document.
  • Options for TSA Center

    The user can select a TSA center to obtain information of a TST from, to issue a TS on the PDF document.
  • Easy Management with TS Info Embedded in the Document

    TS embedding uses a technique includes information of the TST on a certain area of the document. Apart from this method of ‘file embedded’, there are other ways, ‘file attached’, ‘file separated’, and ‘achieve.’ The two methods ‘file separated’ and ‘achieve’ have a disadvantage of verifying the document’s authenticity when any of the coupled data is lost.
  • Technology applied to Prevent Any Modification of the Image

    If the image of TS is falsely modified, it can cause the user in confusion. Therefore, e-timing VISUAL TS for Acrobat houses the image of the stamp in the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file. Also, to prevent any third party trying to modify the image, the DLL is secured to be opened upon verification of the information on DLL hash.
  • Quick Identification of Forgery

    When a PDF document with a TS issued is opened, the stamp shows it’s been modified or forged after a verification process.
  • An Issue/Verification Tool Using a Plug-in

    No other tools need to be installed or required to issue and verify the TS on the PDF documents, apart from a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.