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Product Outline(Summary)

e-timing VISUAL TS UTIL/TST-LIB for Client is a C++ library of functions for generating/verifying TST and retrieving TST and TAC information. Application developers can utilize -timing VISUAL TS UTIL/TST-LIB for Client to issue or verity on his/her program.

Major functions

  • TST Generation

    It receives a TST issued by a TSA center and the developer using this function can utilize TST information on his/her software.
  • TS Verification

    Application developers can extract TST information of an electronic document and verify it. It verifies the contents for authenticity, which shows the document has not been modified or forged, and its existence (Time-check) which proves the document existed at the time of TS issue.
  • Shows TS Info

    It shows information of TS issued on the PDF documents in detail.

    TS Info in Detail

    Data Description
    Results of TS Verification Value for the document’s authenticity
    Issued Time of TS Time of TS issued in Korean Standard Time(KST)
    Issuer Info Info on the organization that issued the TS
    TS Info Version, Serial no., Date and time generated, TS server name
    Hash Info Hash algorithm identifier, Name of hash algorithm, Value of hash, Length of hash
    Time Certificate Info Certificate Info Version, Serial no., Expiry date, Issuer, Hash algorithm, Hash value, Hash length, Value of signature, Length of signature, Signature algorithm
    Time-check Info Offset, Network delay, Time checked, Expiry date
    Time-check Policies Offset, Network delay
    TSA Certificate Into User, Issuer, Expiry date, Version, Signature algorithm, Certification path, etc.

Structure of Business System with the Software

System Requirements

Client Website Application
Compatible OS Windows
Development environment (Programming language) Visual C++