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Product Outline(Summary)

nCipher Document Sealing Engine (DSE200) is a TS server which provides currently the most complete security and audit services. TS as the Time Resource of Industrial Standardization can be issued from DSE200 on the Network. Timestamps can be utilized in various fields.

Major Functions and Characteristics

  • Support for TS Generation with a Time Property Certificate and a TSA Certificate Embedded

    It can check the time property certificate and TSA certificate of a document with a TS issued on, which means the TS was issued from trusted equipment by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.
  • [System Specifications]

    Support for RFC3161 Standardized TST Issue

    When a user requests a TS, the TS server issues a RFC3161 standardized TST.
  • Built-in HSM(RIPS PUB 140-1/140-2 L3 or later)

    Hardware Security Module (HSM) optimizes the security service and the performance of the application as well as maximizing the fusibility of the server. Also it guarantees unforged time data with its high level of security strategies against invasion in the time server itself.
  • Safe TS Generation and Signature within the HSM system

  • Support for TST Generation Using the Time Data of HSM

    It adjusts the time in the HSM to the time of TSMC.
  • Support for the Function of Receiving Time Data from the Time Server

    TSMC receives the accurate time information from the satellite and transmits it to DSE200.
    DSE200 issues TS based on the accurate time data received from TSMC.
  • An Auto-stop Function of TS Issue Service on an Abnormal Time Verification

    DSE200 stops issuing TS when the time verification is not carried out properly, to prevent it from issuing abnormal TS.
  • Web-based Integrated Management Tools

    DSE200 provides tools that make it easier to access to it on the Network and to manage every function of it.
  • Provides Time Stamping SDK

Service Diagram

Software Structure


System Requirements

Category Specifications
Front Panel Connectors USB
15 pin VGA for VDU
LED Indicator Lamps Internal Disk Operation Indicator
Network Operation Indicator
System Operation Indicator
Rear Panel Power connector
Dual 10/100 Base-TxEthernet
15 pin VGA for VDU
Mouse, Keyboard
Serial, 2x USB
nCipher Smart Card Reader
Technical Requirements Dimensions: 1U (1.7”) x 16.9”W x 26.75”D (4.3x42.9cx68.0cm)
Network: Dual 10/100 Base-Txethernet
Power: 100-240VAC
Power Consumption:880W (8.0 amps at 110 volts AC)
Room Temperature(on Running): +10℃ ~ +35℃
Standard Certification FCC : CFR47, Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
CE: EN55022, Class A: EN55024-1: EN60950
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified